Wellness Beyond Campus Walls: How Walking Worldwide Brought One Institution Together


  • Monica Verity Wellesley College
  • Connie Bauman Wellesley College
  • Lily Cuellarsola Wellesley College
  • Sharon Park Wellesley College
  • Sarah Pociask Wellesley College




virtual, gamified fitness, alumni, higher education, community


Background: Investment in campus recreation has well-documented benefits, and the need for improved health and wellness also extends beyond students. Creating a campus culture that values health and well-being can be transformative for the health of the overall community.
Aim: This study aimed to understand the impact of an institution-wide, 42-day virtual fitness initiative that included faculty, staff, students, and graduates.
Methods: Participants were invited to complete two surveys (pre-and-post) consisting of questions about physical fitness, goal setting, and connection to the college community. Throughout the duration of the program, participants logged their physical activity (e.g., step counts) through a web-based platform.
Results: Survey respondents reported exercising a greater number of days each week during the program and were more likely to set and achieve their fitness goals. The leading unexpected benefit of participation in the program, especially among our graduates, was developing social connections with other participants.
Conclusions: Institution-wide fitness programs can promote health awareness and motivate faculty, staff, students, and graduates to improve fitness and connect socially.




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Verity, M., Bauman, C., Cuellarsola, L., Park, S., & Pociask, S. (2024). Wellness Beyond Campus Walls: How Walking Worldwide Brought One Institution Together. Building Healthy Academic Communities Journal, 8(1), 38–53. https://doi.org/10.18061/bhac.v8i1.9667



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